Solid Model Design

No solid part data? No problem, we can create your solid part model from the simplest of 2D data.

With multiple seats of Solidworks and years of solid modeling experience, we are ready to assist our customers as needed. Evaluating all the data provided, we offer feedback and design improvements if desired: giving you a cleaner, more movable part.

Utilizing over thirty years of mold design experience in plastics and die casting, we work closely with our customers throughout the tool design, assuring them of a tool that meets their expectations.

We can receive and provide data in many formats, allowing smooth transition from one CAD system to the next.

Solid Model Design Features:

  • Single Cavity
  • Multi Cavity
  • Family Tools
  • Over-Molds
  • Auto Unscrewing
  • Collapsible Cores
  • Multi Stage
  • Reverse Ejection
  • Stamping Dies
  • Part Fixtures
  • Trim Dies
  • Form Dies