Wire EDM

We Can Manage It All: Start Holes to Complete Wire Cuts

Since 1994, Wire EDM has been an integral part of our operation. It allows us to provide extremely close tolerance work in a timely manner and at a competative price. With the use of Mastercam Wire, projects can be programmed accurately and quickly, saving you time and money.

Our Fanuc a-Oie & Fanuc a-1ia are capable of:

  • Auto Threading
  • Taper & 4 Axis Cuts
  • 7 ra Finish
  • +/- .0001 Accuracy
  • Steel (any type, any hardness)
  • Brass
  • Graphite
  • Aluminum
  • Carbide
  • Exotic Conductive Materials
  • .005 Internal Radius
  • Running 24/7
  • Remote Monitoring System